How to pass a drug test for weed

Hair follicle drug tests have advanced over the years and are more accurate than ever. A hair test can detect the presence of drugs from up to 90 days ago, which provides them with a much longer detection timeframe than other types of drug tests. Drug toxins travel through the bloodstream and get embedded into the hair, making them difficult to remove without the use of the correct hair detox products.


Pass A Hair Follicle drug Test

In a hair follicle test, samples of the hair are cut and soaked in chemicals to open up the hair shaft and expose the inside layers. If you‘ve used marijuana within the last 90 days and didn’t use the correct hair detox shampoo and method, you may get the outer layers of your hair clean, but the inner layers will still contain THC. This will cause you to fail the test.


To pass a hair test, the Macujo method is the best detox method. This method has several steps where you wash your hair with different products that will permanently remove the drug toxins from your hair and scalp. Other methods and products just mask the drugs, but Macujo method stands apart because it is a permanent removal solution. For Macujo Method to work, the Macujo aloe rid detox shampoo must be used. Macujo aloe rid is an updated formula that is designed to work for anyone whether they use weed lightly or very heavily. Along with weed users, this hair detox shampoo works for any other type of drug as well.

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Pass A Urine Drug Test

Urine testing for weed has a much shorter detection time than hair tests because urinalysis tests can only detect weed from around 3-30 days. To pass a urine drug test THC, a synthetic urine product is one of the best ways to pass. Synthetic urine should be made to mimic real human urine in all aspects (color, temperature, composition). Using a synthetic product to pass a urine test for weed is a good option if you don’t have time or want to use anything to detox your system.


Hair drug tests may be needed for reasons like a pre-employment screen or given randomly at a current job. Employers are moving toward hair follicle drug test screens for their companies because they want to know if their employees use drugs habitually. Urine tests for marijuana are better able to tell if a person has used recently, while a hair follicle test can show whether someone makes a habit of smoking weed.

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Although weed is legalized in several states, that doesn’t mean you won’t be tested for it. Because of this, it is best to be ready to face a drug test no matter what. The Macujo Method is the detox method chosen by lots of marijuana users because of its effectiveness. Even though the process may take several washes to get the hair completely clean depending on how much weed you smoke, passing the hair drug test is worth the effort.