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Drug Addiction

Brief Review of Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction means when a person is unable to control himself from using drugs although being aware of its consequences. Drug abuse is a social ill which is deep rooted in our society and is affecting an addict and his surrounding negatively. Scientific research has proven that drug abuse is a brain disease and until the brain will not resent its consumption, the abuser’s will power to stop drug consumption is of no use.

Drugs affect the brain of abuser

Drug abuse gradually changes the structure and function of the brain and with time, the person loses the ability to make any firm decisions or control himself against drug consumption. Drugs act as chemical which disrupts the normal working of the brain and ultimately hit the communication system.
Drugs such as marijuana and heroin are very dangerous for the brain. They have dangerous chemicals which not only disturb the normal working of the brain but also fool the brain by activating nerve cells and sending abnormal messages.
Drugs such as cocaine disrupt the normal functioning of the brain and gradually affect the communication pattern of the abuser. Thus, all drugs leave different form of impact on brain and with time as the drug abuse increases, the brain chemicals start to damage. A person loses his ability to control his behavior or make any firm judgment about his life. Learning power is also affected due to drug abuse and memory loss is yet another issue.

Tendency to be an addict

Risk of becoming a drug addict varies with the person. Some people easily surrender themselves on the fate of drugs while some do not become addicted even after two or three doses. There are numerous reasons behind this variation.
Family background and genes play an important part in addiction. If a person has members in family which are drug addicted or the friend circle is of drug addicts, the chances of addiction are high.
If a person starts consuming drugs in young age, chances of addiction increase as the brain is going through various mental and physical developments. In such scenario, use of drug hurt the brain negatively and force the individual to consume more.
Stressful people are prone to addiction. In this competitive world, everyone is trying hard to be successful and work load has increased. Therefore, in such situations a person tries to relax in whatever time he gets and drug consumption give that special feeling. Drug abuse relaxes a person from everyday problems of life and within no time, the abuser craves for regular dose.
People with disturbed childhood memories become addicts easily. They find comfort in drug abuse and it also helps them to forget their past.
Addiction varies with the type of drug. Some drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines or heroin are very addictive and their one dose is enough to attract a person again while some drugs are very slow. Even numerous sessions of their intake cannot make a person addicted.